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Chairs for top hair salons

You will almost find a professional salon chair in any salon you visit because salon chairs are great additions to hairstylists. They not only allow the hairdresser more access but also make the customer comfortable and relaxed. There are many varieties of salon chairs in the market. Some are more advanced than others and thus have more features but even a plain one will work fine. Salon chairs have been used for centuries and in earlier days hairdressers and salon shops would still offer barber chairs to their customers.

The first thing you want to do when selecting your salon chair is to decide on what style or type you want. There are many styles available and each shop has their unique style. Selecting one that fits in well creates a good atmosphere. It also looks really good and attractive, which could possibly attract more customers.

The second feature you want to look is to check if the chair is adjustable. An adjustable salon chair is very important to not only your customers but also your hairdresser. Allowing your stylist to change the height of the chair makes it a lot simple and easier for them to cut the customers hair. Some customers are taller than others, whilst others are shorter. So, it is impossible to find a chair that will fit all the heights of your clients. A salon chair will a lever is more than enough for your hairdressers, and you can also choose the electronically powered ones. These will slightly more costly, but can be useful in times. This not only saves your hairdressers time and effort but also allow them to adjust with ease.

Types of latest Hair Salon Chairs

  • All-Purpose Salon Chairs All-purpose barber chairs are the perfect fit for regular barbershops that perform haircuts and shaves, as well as for dentists and tattoo artists. All-purpose salon chairs also make effective seats for those getting inked with a tattoo since tattoo artists can change the chair’s height and angle of recline to best suit their artistry. The all-purpose chair is designed with versatility in mind. Utilizing the unique design, it can be used in shampoo, makeup, massage, and styling. A growing number of all-purpose chairs are designed to be compatible with electric wash units. Some also have an auto thermostatic mixer which is designed to save water, energy and is easy for hairdressers to use because it supplies water at a constant temperature.
  • Traditional Salon Chairs – Simply put, traditional salon chairs are chairs that are equipped with hydraulic lifts that are controlled by the hairdresser. Headrests and footrests are attached to leather or vinyl chairs, and they are typically upholstered for comfort.
  • Antique Salon Chairs – Antique Salon chairs are usually quite expensive as they are difficult to find in good condition. They can make great decorative pieces for the salon, and some owners may find them too valuable to use in everyday salon works. Because of the time during which they were manufactured, these antique salon chairs are classically crafted from wood and leather as opposed to being made from synthetic materials.

Salon chairs must also have the capability to spin around, this is very important if you are washing their hair or even shaving them. Salon chairs that have these characteristics allow hairstylists to do a better work and is also more suitable for the customer themselves.

You can find a variety of salon chairs for you to buy. These salon chairs and other equipment are available in a variety of shops in Australia.