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5 Random Ingredients For A Pizza

Pizzas are amazing, because not only do they taste amazing, but there are so many different combinations that you can make to have an amazing pizza. I’m sure you have already had the normal ingredients on a pizza, chicken, meat, a few standard veggies, etc. but if you are looking for a change and need some new ingredients to order a pizza now, here a few brilliant ideas.

Figs. Figs have so much to offer. They have a sweetness that matches perfectly with many savory options. One of the best combos that can be used with figs is a four cheese pizza, with figs and some honey drizzled on top. It is perfect, because not only does it make your taste buds explode, but you can eat it guilt free, because of all its health benefits.

Goats cheese. Goats cheese has a different taste for sure but when it is paired with onions. Whether they are caramelized, or just cooked onion, the pairing is like nothing that is normally tasted. It also tastes great with other veggies, and because the cheese is quite strong, no matter how much you put on, you can always the goat’s cheese.

Strawberries. Strawberries are not normally something you think of when you think pizza, but if paired correctly, this can taste like a work of art, and you might even point at a party for originality! All the pizza needs, is a little cheese and some arugula and just a small amount of strawberries, and voila!

Broccoli. Not only is broccoli an amazing choice because of the positive health factors, but it is an amazing topping, if cooked properly, it can taste amazing. Just add some onions, some garlic and some cheese, and bam, you got your new party favourite.

Chocolate. Most people only think of savoury when they think pizza, but here is a sweet topping that can bring a little sweetness to your life! Chocolate is an excellent option for a random topping, but not only do you have your dinner, but you also have dessert ready. It can bring out your taste buds in a way that savory pizzas only dream of because when you already have chocolate on the pizza, you can even go beyond, you can even add those strawberries, or even bananas, or even some ice cream. The options are endless.

So next time you got a Bay St pizza in Port Melbourne, think of them as a blank canvas that you can make the next big masterpiece on. Not only can they be sweet, or salty, but they can include anything you want. So get out there and try some new ingredients!